CPA - Physico-chemical Analytics

We want to know it exactly, in every detail ...

… as only accurate knowledge about every compound in a substance will form a foundation that leads to sound decisions, helping you choose the right processes and engineering to invest in. In the laboratories of K-UTEC AG, specialising in salt chemistry and waste analytics, solid and fluid samples from customers from all over the world are analysed and assessed, both chemically and in a mineralogical context. Our services also include the analysis of underground gas samples, as well as solving complex analytical problems when it comes to developing and evaluating methods. The reliability of our analytical methodologies is confirmed regularly by the DIN EN ISO 17025 accreditation.

When engineering can not help any further ...

… then experience can still give you direction. The identification of the actual mineralogical composition of a sample can often only be found through microscopy or in combination of the results of an X-ray diffractometer and microscopy. Mineral contents of 1 % and below ask for a high degree of experience and practical knowledge.

Our experts at K-UTEC have both!

Services provided by Physico-chemical Analytics

Salt analytics and mineralogy

Salt analytics

  • All types of salts and minerals
  • Salts of natural and industrial origin
  • Analysis of brines and concentrated salt solutions

Mineral analytics

  • Salts of saliniferous origin
  • Salts from industrial processes
  • Products from the processing of saliniferous salts
  • Industrial crystalline wastes (e.g. filter dusts)

Equipment and methods

  • ICP-AES, AAS, elemental analyser, XRF, XRD
  • Ion chromatography
  • Mineralogical analysis through X-ray diffractometer and polarising, phase contrast and stereo microscopes

Environmental and mineral analytics

  • Analysis of complex matrixes and mixtures of substances
  • Analysis of main components through wet chemistry
  • Routine trace element analysis for inorganic parameters
  • Routine trace element analysis for organic parameters
  • Examination for asbestos mineral fibres

Equipment and methods

  • ICP-AES, AAS, ion chromatography, voltametry, GCMS, GC, HPLC, XRF, XRD
  • Sampling of solid, fluid and gaseous substances
  • Analysis on heavy metals, cumulative parameters (TOC, EOX/AOX, COD/BOD, TNb), organic substances (PAH, PCBs, volatile haloalkanes, BTEX, mineral oil carbohydrates) etc.

R&D activities

Special areas and skills

  • Mining: analysis of gases, brines, salts and minerals
  • Experience and expertise in calculation, assessment and consulting
  • Toxic substances in the work place, in living quarters and in the environment (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, asbestos, PCBs, wood preservatives)
  • Development and validation of methods
  • Calculation of ion balance and mineral composition

DAkkS accreditation

The technical department for physico-chemical analytics is a testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO 17025. The team comprises of chemists, analysts and mineralogists whose reliability is guaranteed when it comes to determination, evaluation and interpretation of analytical data.

  • Authorised centre for the analysis of waste water according to § 8 ThürAbwEKVO verified by governmental organisations
  • Testing centre for waste and polluted sites according to § 7 ThAbfAG in connection with § 3 Abs. 1 ThürDepEKVO verified by governmental organisations

Analysis of:

  • Salts and their solutions
  • Water/waste water/sludge/sewage sludge/sediments
  • Waste and materials for utilisation
  • Soil/contaminated soils
  • Gases and air
  • Oils and fuels
  • Building and construction materials