Technical Equipment

CAD working stations on latest state of the art, Autodesk Plant Design Suite Premium for working out of:

  • Block flow diagrams, Process flow diagrams, Piping & Instrumentation diagrams
  • Equipment lists, pipeline lists valve lists, instrument lists, drive lists etc.
  • Arrangement drawings in 2D und 3D
  • 3D-Visualisation of process plants

Well-equipped laboratories for:

  • Determination of chemical and physical properties of solids, solutions and slurries
  • Conduction of process investigations
  • Conduction of analytical investigations to accompany process investigations

Bench scale test field with modular equipment for all basic operations for flexible arrangements and complex process development in continuously operation and production of product Patterns:

  • Comminution by jaw breaker, impact crusher, roller mill, disk mill, agitator-ball-mill and sieves of different openings
  • Leaching and dissolving of mineral salts in screw-type dissolver, agitator kettles, loop reactors
    • K-UTEC AG developed a procedure to crystallise soluble salts as well as poorly soluble materials from solutions in crystalline shape with good washing and filtration behaviour. Basis is a special reactor (loop-reactor) with several internals (draft tube, deflection ring, clarification ring) in which can be maintained a perfectly mixed reaction zone and a clarification zone. Particle shape and particle size can be influenced by adjusted solid concentration and selective withdrawal of product
  • Steam evaporation plant for continuous operation as single stage or double stage (vacuum and normal pressure)
  • Fractional crystallization of salt by cooling (vacuum cooling or contact cooling)
  • Simulation of solar evaporation as in-door pilot plant, including climatic chamber
  • Froth flotation of soluble salts
  • Solid/liquid separation by single compartment thickener, belt filter, worm-screen centrifuge
  • Drying in cabinet drier, contact drier (cone drier), flush drier, fluid bed drier
  • Palletising, compaction and post treatment of granules by use of pelletiser disc, pelletiser drum, pelletiser mixer or roller compactor
  • dry separation (ESTA electrostatic separation, magnetic separation)

Modular constructed pilot plant for manufacturing of:

  • NaCl
  • Single salts like NaCl, Na2SO4, KCl, K2SO4 MgCl2-Hydrate, MgSO4-Hydrate
  • Chloridic and sulphatic double salts  (Carnallite, Schoenite, Leonite, Langbeinite, Kainite ...)
  • Granules of NaCl, KCl, K2SO4, Phosphate ...
  • Basic magnesia compounds
  • Lithium salts (Li2Cl, Li2CO3 ... )