Provided Services


  • Process Analyses and Assessment
  • Studies
  • Process Development and Process Design
  • Basic Engineering
  • Drawing up of Tender Documents
  • Adjustment Engineering and Detail Engineering
  • Support in Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
  • Process Development for Fertilisers and Salts Industries 





  • Project assessment 
  • Comparison and Evaluation of Processing Routes 
  • Scoping Studies and Feasibility Studies in accordance to International Standards (NI 43 101, JORG)
  • Scoping-Studies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost Estimation (CAPEX, OPEX)

Process Development & Process Design

  • Process Analyses and Process Development
  • Bench Scale Tests for all Basic Operations
  • Pilot Tests for Solar Evaporation of Seawater, Lake Brines and waste Water
  • Calculation of Evaporation Areas and Pond Design
  • Evaluation of Raw Materials and Products
  • Mass- and Energy Balances for complete Processes
  • Block Flow Diagrams and Process Flow Diagrams according DIN 28004
  • Equipment Selection / Equipment Lists 
  • Requirements on Measuring and Control Systems, Requirements on Civil and Structural Engineering, Requirements on Infrastructure, HSE Requirements 

Basic Engineering

  • Basic Engineering for Processing of Inorganic Salts
  • Process Description of Single Process Steps and Process Units as well as entire Process Plants
  • Selection and Sizing of Apparatuses and Machines
  • Conception Process Control Engineering
  • Description of Automatic Procedures and Interlocks 
  • Demands on Process Control by Chemical Analytics (Sampling Schedule, Sample Handling, Analyses and Evaluation)
  • Special Hints for Turn-Key Plants
  • Process Flow Sheets and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams according DIN 28004
  • Arrangement Drawings and Sectional Drawings
  • Demand on Steel Structure and Buildings
  • Layout Plans

Detail Engineering & Adjustment Engineering

  • Process schemata and arrangement drawings
  • Floor plans, front view, section views
  • Pipeline list with number, route, ND, NP, media, temperature, pressure
  • Valve list
  • Calculating and sizing of apparatuses and machines, process data sheets, guide drawings
  • Recommendations for insulation and painting
  • Drive list and drive location, minimum requirements of drive control, list of interlocks
  • List of measuring points and instrument lists
  • Instrument specification
  • Description of control loops
  • Description of operation conditions

Drawing up of Tender Documents

  • General requirements on bidders and conditions for participation in bidding procedure
  • Description of the subject of the bidding procedure
  • Definition of battery limits
  • Specification of raw materials, auxiliary materials and available energy
  • Description of geographic and climatic conditions on project site
  • Compilation of all relevant documents (maps, drawings, calculations, descriptions etc.)
  • Publishing/dispatch of tender documents

Commissioning, Start up, and Performance Tests

  • Operation Description of Process Machinery
  • Operation Description of Process Sections and complete Process Plants
  • Drawing up of Tender Documents
  • Project Monitoring and Project Management
  • Supervision / Participation in Commissioning
  • Supervision / Participation in Performance Tests
  • Drawing up of Trainings Schedules, Training of Owners Personnel

Training of Owners Personnel

  • Class Room Training at K-UTEC’s Facilities
  • On-The-Job Training in Industrial Plants, similar  to the later Application
  • On-Site Training during Commissioning and Test Operation 

From Basic Idea to Running Industrial Operation

Process Development and Plant Design

From Raw Material to Process

Process Development for production of Mineral Fertilisers.

Raw Materials:

  • Mined Raw Salt from marine Evaporites (Carnallite, Sylvinite, mixed Salts)
  • Natural brine from recent Salt Lakes
  • Seawater, brines and bittern from sea salt production
  • Solution mining brines (solution mining of rock salt, Sylvinite, carnallite, selective hot solution mining or cold solution mining)
  • Industrial waste brines and solid waste

Mechanical Basic Operations:

  • Comminution and Classification
  • Leaching and dissolving
  • Precipitation of poorly soluble substances
  • Flotation
  • Decomposition and conversion of double salts
  • Fractional crystallisation of simple and complex salts, (Carnallite, Kainite, Glaserite, Polyhalite Schoenite) by solar evaporation or industrial evaporation
  • Solid / Liquid separation by thickening, sedimentation, filtration
  • Drying
  • Precipitation of basic compounds (Hydroxides, Carbonates, Oxides) with caustic reactants
  • Storage of thermal energy by use of latent heat (phase change materials) or by use of sensible heat of large volumes of salt solutions
  • Brine purification and use of purification effluents


  • Potassium chloride and potassium sulphate in fertiliser grade or industrial (Sylvine, MOP, KCl98/99, SOP)
  • Sulphatic double salts (Schoenite, Leonite, Langbeinite, Kainite, Glaserite), Potash-Magnesia
  • Basic magnesia compounds (MDH, CCM, DBM, precipitated magnesia-carbonates)
  • Magnesium salts, magnesium chloride (Bischofite), magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salt, Kieserite)
  • Sodium chloride in food grade, animal food grade or industrial grade
  • Sodium sulphate as Glauber’s salt or free of water
  • Precipitated calcium carbonate in different modifications
  • Calcium sulphate as Gypsum, Anhydrite or Basanite
  • Aluminium hydroxide, Aluminium oxide, Alum, Aluminate
  • Boric acid, borate, borax (e.g. from Ulexite)
  • Lithium salts

Recovery of Valuables from Waste

K-UTEC AG worked out, in cooperation with partners, recycling procedures for the following materials:

  • Nickel-Cobalt-mixtures and rare earth salts from NiMH-Battery scrap
  • Nickel and Chromium from hydroxide sludge
  • Potassium chloride from Spent-Electrolyte of Mg electrolysis  der Mg
  • Treatment of magnesium dross