Certificates on the Suitability for Mines

Services offered:

  • Preparation of certificates on the suitability of industrial waste for back fill use in underground mining to close air or solution filled cavities through different back fill technologies (hydraulic back fill, pumping back fill, stowing, big bag stowing) including:
    - Physico-chemical waste declaration
    - Identification of dangerous waste properties (e.g. flammability, gas generation)
    - Assessment for waste management
    - Assessment for work hygiene and toxicology
    - Characterisation of the structural suitability as back fill
    - Determination of the properties concerning mine safety (compatibility of the wastes/back fills with each other, behaviour toward mother rock)
    - Expert assessment of industrial wastes for the storage in underground disposal sites
    - Determination and assessment of risk potentials
    - Safety recommendations for packing, handling and storage
  • External control of the waste identity and the positioning of the back fill
Boiler dust of a waste incineration plant
Slag of a waste incineration plant
Filter cake of waste water treatment
Cyclone dust of a biomass heating plant