Licensing procedures

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Licensing procedures

  • Application papers for the procedures of land use regulation and planning approval (including EIA and landscape protection plan)
  • Application papers for licensing procedures (according to laws pertaining to water, nature conversation, immission protection and building)
  • Betriebspläne nach Bundesberggesetz (Rahmen-, Haupt-, Sonder- und Abschlussbetriebspläne)

Consultation concerning environmental matters

  • Consultation / expertise concerning environmental matters
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Accompanying and implementing landscape protection plans, Grünpläne
  • Ecological site supervision and technical accompanying for renaturation

Landscape management

  • Screening according to German EIA law, EU Habitats Directive
  • Biotope mapping, ecological expertise
  • Zoological and vegetation survey
  • Feasibility studies, accompanying and implementing landscape protection plans
  • Outdoor site planning, design concepts
  • Mining and renaturation planning
  • Concepts for pasturing, agricultural studies
  • Biomonitoring

Interdisciplinary research activities

  • Management of river Unstrut's drainage area
  • Soil humidity measurement within plants' root areas
  • Humidity measurement in salt bearing matrices
  • Liberation of substances by soil substitute materials
  • Procedures for the assessment of covering layers
  • Soil water balance models for heaps and dumps
  • Lysimeter unit Bleicherode
Development of river Wipper, Sondershausen 2004
Development of river Wipper, Sondershausen 2004