GY - Geophysics

And yet it moves!

This quotation from Galileo Galilei applies to the Earth itself as well: to the many small and medium movements within a mine layout, which mark the additional geomechanic dynamic of mined horizons. Recording, localising, determination of hypocentre and magnitude, and finally finding the correct conclusion of the above is the task of seismic monitoring by the geophysics department. Development of hard- and software, layout and engineering, construction and operation as ordered by the client, including daily analysis and alerting, and vibration measurements: this is our task, mining companies, cavern-operators, geothermal power plants, old mining and similar are our clients for stationary or temporary seismic monitoring systems.

Uncover the invisible...

… is the ambition of our geophysical exploration experts. Different geophysical survey methods, state of the art technology, decades of know-how, predominately in potash- and salt-mining: based on these ingredients we extract data for the client, about his deposit, underground, dykes, open cast mining disposal area and so forth. This data will be a solid basis for the client's decisions and actions. Whether above or below ground, in drill holes or on salt deposits, we will uncover what was invisible before – by the exploration of e.g. near-surface cavities or stratigraphy, applying seismic, geoelectrical, or ground penetrating radar techniques.

Services provided by Geophysics

Geophysical exploration


  • Geoelectrical probing, field mapping, tomography 2D/3D
  • Surface and bore hole radar
  • Reflection and refraction seismics, surface wave seismics
  • Bore hole seismics, VSP measurements
  • Seismic and electromagnetic tomography
  • Sonar exploration
  • Bore hole deflection measurements
  • Camera inspections
  • Gravimetry, magnetics and VLF measurements


  • Cavity exploration
  • Deposit exploration
  • Hydrogeological and geohydraulic exploration
  • Exploration of seam boundaries and geological structures
  • Trail pre-exploration
  • Location of pipes and wiring

Seisimic monitoring

  • Concepts, development and control of seismic monitoring appliances and measures
  • Operation of seismic monitoring systems
  • Long term monitoring of parameters
  • Localisation of seismic activities and qualification of seismic events (determination of strength/magnitude, fault-plane, etc.)
  • Interpretations considering geological and local factors
  • Alerts according to parameters established by the client
  • Combination of seismic monitoring appliances with measurement of vibration according to DIN 4150

Vibration measurement facilities

  • Single measurement facilities for mobile or permanent monitoring
  • Connection of monitoring points for the control of big areas
  • Application in mines, quarries
  • Application in natural gas and crude oil production
  • Application in the monitoring of gas reservoirs
  • Building site monitoring and documentation
  • Blast monitoring and documentation
  • Monitoring of vibration sensitive machines and appliances

Certification and qualification

A team of diploma geophysicists and experienced technicians guarantee the ideal execution of every project starting with the development of a concept through planning to implementation.

The technical department geophysics is

  • Certified through DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Approved geophysics quality business according to BDG
  • Declared centre according to §26 BlmSchG for vibration measuring stations
  • Execution of vibration measurements according to DIN 4150