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Seismic Monitoring Geothermal plants
Why seismic monitoring:
Seismic events, whether they are caused by local tectonics, fracturing of the overburden or induced by local mining or fracturing in the underground, are only ...

The Circum Minerals Dallol Potash exploration project - mining at the hottest place on the habitated earth -4.1m (2015Presentation DMT Bergbauforum_circum_150617_rev.pdf)
Miningforum 18th June – 19th June 2015 Kassel

Die neuen KutecGeologs -0.34m (2015KutecGeolog 150310.pdf)
2013 wurde durch die K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies ein neues Konzept für die seismischen Registrierapparaturen erstellt und durch die Firma optiMEAS Measurement and Automation Systems GmbH umgesetzt. Die ersten Geräte der Serie KutecGeolog wurden im Dezember 2013 ausgeliefert und befinden sich seit dieser Zeit im Dauerbetrieb...

Seismological and geotechnical long-term monitoring of an abandoned potash mine -1.27m (Artikel_seismic_monitoring_FB_052013.pdf)
14.06.2013 Seismological and geotechnical Long-term Monitoring of an abandoned potash mine

Auswertung von LIDAR- Messungen zur Erkennung möglicher altbergbaubedingter Senkungs- und Bruchvorgänge im Untersuchungsraum Staßfurt -1.16m (Schicht_Lidar_01.pdf)
Thomas Schicht, Anne Allendorf

Geophysical methods as one way to detect and assess sources of danger in engineering and mining -858.18k (Karlsruhe2003-col_01.pdf)
H.Thoma, U.Lindner, O.Klippel, Th.Schicht
ABSTRACT: The application of geophysical methods in civil engineering and mining becomes more and more significant. The combination of geophysical data with classical geotechnical measurements can greatly improve the quality and reliability of investigations e.g. regarding stability of mines, dams or buildings because of the high data density provided by geophysical methods. In that way geophysical applications can be an important and in some cases essential source to early detect potentially dangerous conditions both in mining and engineering. A number of case examples ...

Geophysical Measurements -4.73m (geophysical_measurements.pdf)
Sonar Method / Ultrasonic Seismic
Geophysical Exploration in Potash and Salt Mining

Seismic Monitoring -1.18m (seismic_monitoring.pdf)
Seismic monitoring system K-UTEC GmbH