Services provided

Geophysical monitoring

- Configuration and construction of monitoring systems
- Seismic observatory based monitoring systems
- Seismologic monitoring
- Evaluation of blasting and traffic vibrations
- Mobile vibration measurement point
- Analogue and digital oscillation measurement technique with computer-aided signal analyses

Geophysical exploration

- Geoelectrical sounding / mapping / tomography (2D/3D)
- Ground penetrating radar and borehole radar
- Reflection and refraction seismics, borehole seismics
- Seismic / EM (radar) tomography
- Sonar exploration
- Borehole drift measurements
- Camera investigations
- Gravity measurements
- Magnetics incl. gradient measurements

Seismic monitoring underground
Measurement principle monitoring
Vibration measurement device
Seismic monitoring underground
Bore hole radar measurement
Floor radar measurement
Analysis of geophysical processes 1
Analysis of geophysical processes 2

Certification and qualification

  • Certified through DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Approved geophysics quality business according to BDG
  • Declared centre according to §26 BlmSchG for vibration measuring stations
  • Execution of vibration measurements according to DIN 4150