Geophysical Exploration


  • Geoelectrical sounding / mapping / tomography (2D/3D)
  • Ground penetrating radar and borehole radar
  • Reflection and refraction seismics, borehole seismics
  • Seismic / EM (radar) tomography
  • Sonar exploration
  • Borehole drift measurements
  • Camera investigations
  • Gravity measurements
  • Magnetics incl. gradient measurements


  • Exploration of stratigraphic boundaries and geological structures
  • Search for anomalies in the sub-surface (e.g. debris or backfill)
  • Detection of inhomogeneities (e.g. by cohesive materials, dolines, break-up zones, flow and salinisation zones)
  • Cavity exploration
  • Identification of deposit and overburden thicknesses
  • Determination of additional information to serve geotechnical questions of construction safety (heaps, dykes, stability)
  • Hydrogeological and geohydraulic exploration
  • Deposit exploration (extend, thickness, boundaries with neighbouring rocks)
  • Search and determination of overburden boundaries and thickness of sand and gravel as well as hard rock deposits
  • Route (pre-)surveys
  • Detection of pipes and lines
  • Search and detection of archaeological sites
  • Investigation of buildings