Exploration, mapping, tomography


• Exploration of seam structures, i.e. seam boundaries in unconsolidated or solid rock
• Structural exploration of unconsolidated and solid rock (dislocation, weather zones, fracture structures)
• Examination of building grounds (differentiation of soil mechanical and/or geomechanical complexes)
• Exploration of areas of anomaly with geogenic and/or anthropogenic origin (cavities due to old mines respectively subrosion, construction fragments, archaeological objects)
• Examination of hydrogeological conditions (differentiation of aquifer and aquitard, hydraulic contacts)
• Exploration of former depositing

Principle of measurement:

Principle of measurement of a 4-electrode installation
Measuring technology in field usage


Building site examination using geoelectric tomography, detection of an embankment at the site of a former slope
Geoelectric exploration and discrimination of a doline in a limestone quarry
3D geoelectric discrimination of a heap cover


Trailing geoelectrics:

  • Low penetration up to 10 m


OhmMapper exploration in the desert for the detection of brine
Results of the exploration on brine (blue colours: low geoelectric resistance – areas with brine)