GMB - Geomechanics and Mining

Play it safe.

This expression might be used on any occasion in every day life but it has a special meaning in mining. The surrounding rock does not only prove to be a big and unpredictable threat to the miners but also to investments of the mining infrastructure and equipment. The department for geomechanics establishes the background for the assessment of the geomechanical condition of a mine layout. On the basis of gained data from instrumental measurements (e.g. stresses in the rock mass, transverse strain in pillars, seismic monitoring, tests on the quality of the back fill, etc.) and in addition to the data provided by the customer (e.g. ground subsidence, geological fractures, etc.) a complex analysis of the condition that the rock mass is in is carried out continuously and then continued by a constant feed of new data. Of course any particular question concerning the special subject rock mechanics in saliniferous formations can be answered.

Like a Swiss army knife.

The department for mining can be used in a similar multifunctional way: many different tasks and projects exist, all around the globe: deposit modelling, mining layout plans for underground excavation companies or for solution mining, securing of abandoned mines including shaft seals, technical feasibility studies with different degrees of detail, cost estimation using CAPEX/OPEX, construction of optimised instrumented measurements for  solution mining, geological mapping and so forth.

Services provided by Geomechanics and Mining

Services provided by GMB / Geomechanics and Mining


  • Planning of exploration procedures
  • Geological and hydrogeological investigations

Feasibility studies

  • Geological modelling and calculation of reserves
  • Cost estimation CAPEX/OPEX for underground / solution mining and raw salt benefication processes
  • Examination of environmental effects

Assessment of projects

  • Technical and economical evaluation of greenfield and brownfield projects
  • Risk assessments
  • Studies on economical feasibility

Mine planning and consulting

Mine planning

  • Planning of underground and solution mining
  • Planning of mining layout and dimensioning
  • Planning of back fill measures
  • Planning of the utilisation of mining waste and industrial wastes
  • Planning of back fill and pillar recovery measures
  • Planning of underground waste deposits


  • Geotechnical monitoring and assistance
  • Geological investigation and assessment
  • Geomechnical reports, proof of stability
  • Measures for the conservation of evidence
  • Assessment of back fill material for underground utilisation and underground dumping
  • Plans of concept and implementation for sealing constructions in shafts and drifts
  • Risk assessment of gases and solution inflow in mines

Monitoring, securing and reclamation


  • Planning, construction, installation and service of geotechnical and hydrological monitoring systems
  • Level of fluids and solids in shaft pipes
  • Measurement of solution levels and densities in flooded mines
  • Inflow monitoring devices
  • Planning, construction, installation and service of seismic monitoring devices, facilities to monitor fluid inflow and control units for cavities

Securing of abandoned mines

  • Planning of the stage after active mining
  • Securing concepts, reclamation options, risk assessment and evaluation
  • Planning and realisation of investigative measures in shaft pipes (exploration through drilling and in field) and drifts of old mines
  • Evaluation of stability and risk assessment for old mines' drifts, solution and gas inflows
  • Plans of concept and implementation for securing shafts and mines including attendance and monitoring in the construction phase


  • Planning of reclamation of mining sites and recultivation of mine dumps

Redevelopment of old mining sites