• PC work stations
  • Laptops
  • Plotter HP designjet 1055cm plus (size of roll: 900 mm width)
  • Cutting table (size: 1500 mm width)


  • ACAD13
  • Microsoft Office Paket
  • CorelDRAW X4
  • GeoDin 7
  • Tec-Corim
  • WellCad
  • Rockworks 15
  • Voxler 3
  • Surfer 12


  • GARMIN Montana 650 (GPS)
  • Fracture locating system: bore hole probe VS 662 ADF by HYTEC HYDRO TECHNOLOGIE
  • Deformation measurement system: convergence measurement stations, pillar lateral extension measurement station
  • In situ test of back fill: dynamic load plate test with light dropping implement ZFG-ZORN-02 according to TB BF -StB, B 8.3 and in situ determination of density
  • Stress measurement with hydraulic fracturing: high performance sensor system for pressure, flow rate and temperature measurement with data logger, PC and corresponding software, frac-dubblepacker sensor for nominal pressures of 40 MPa, bore hole diameter 46 mm (if necessary 42 mm possible), gripping device (work safety when risk of gas burst exists).

Photo equipment

  • Tripod (to take images of drill cores + boxes)
  • Light box (40 cm x 120 cm) for tranmitted light photography
  • CANON EOS 1100 D (2x)


  • Equipment for geological field survey (e.g. drill core recording, mapping, underground documentation)
  • Field laboratory equipment
  • Mobile gas measurement devices
  • Stereo microscope