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Seismological long-time monitoring of the inner burden dump in Schlabendorf-South

Schicht, Thomas; Gessert, Astrid; Thoma, Holger; Wondrak, Julia; Lucke, Beate; Schleußner, Hans-Peter; Duschka, Birgit
Thomas.Schicht(at)k-utec.de, Astrid.Gessert(at)k-utec.de, Holger.Thoma(at)k-utec.de, Julia.Wondrak(at)k-utec.de
Beate.Lucke(at)lmbv.de, Hans-Peter.Schleussner(at)lmbv.de, Birgit.Duschka(at)lmbv.de

Investigations of hazards of soil liquefaction that cause deformations of the terrain surface ... more

Vulnerability analysis on potash mining dumps using tomographic measurements, modelling and petrophysical investigations

Schicht, Thomas; Karolin Dünnbier; Katja Thiemann; Frank Börner
email: Thomas.Schicht(at)k-utec.de, karolin.duennbier(at)tu-berlin.de, katja.thiemann(at)k-utec.de, frank.boerner(at)tu-berlin.de

Vulnerability analysis on potash mining dumps using tomographic measurements, modelling and petrophysical investigations ... more

Case study of a geophysical Investigation with seismic refraction tomography and the OhmMapper to estimate the brine Content of a Salar/Salmuera

Thomas Schicht, Benjamin Wieser and Anne Allendorf-Schicht
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K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies was contracted to prepare mineral resource/ore reserve estimations for a potassium project in the northern part of Peru. The final phase of the project did include a classification ....

20 years of K-UTEC

Küstennahe Salzseen – Eine unerschöpfliche K-Quelle?
Salt lakes near coasts as infinite Potassium-resources?

Mr. Benjamin Wieser, project manager; Mr. Dr. Bernd Schultheis, assistant head of department; K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies, Sondershausen, GERMANY

Die Gewinnung meerwassertypischer Salze aus Sole im „Rann of Kutch“ in Indien
Marine chemicals from brine at Rann of Kutch in India

Mr C. G. Sethuram, Executive Director – Emerging Business; Archean Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, INDIEN 

Das Projekt zur Produktion von Kaliumsulfat, Epsomit, Br2, MgO und Dicalciumphosphat aus Salzsee-Sole mittels solarer Verdunstung von natürlicher Sole in der der Region Cañamac, Peru
Fully integrated project based on a salt lake brine to produce SOP, Epsomite, Br2, MgO and DCP after solar evaporation of a natural brine from Cañamac, Peru

Ms Rina Natalia Vinelli Ramírez, Chemical Process Development; Salmueras Sudamericanas S. A., Lima, PERU
Mr Juan Carlos Burga Valles, Project Manager; Salmueras Sudamericanas S. A., Lima, PERU

Herstellung von wasserfreiem Natriumsulfat aus einem Salzsee in Tunesien
Production of anhydrous sodium sulfate from a salt lake in Tunesia

Mr Ali Mhiri, Chairman and Managing Director; Societe Chimique Alkimia, Tunis Mahrajene, TUNESIEN

    Vom neuen Kali-Berggeschrey: Kalisalzexploration in Amerika, Afrika und Asien – Erkundungsziele und Produktionspotenziale
    The new Kali-hype – potash exploration in America, Africa and Asia – exploration targets and production potentials

    Mr. Dr. Henry A. M. Rauche, manager; ERCOSPLAN
    Ingenieurgesellschaft Geotechnik und Bergbau mbH, Erfurt, GERMANY

      Möglichkeiten zur abstoßreduzierten K- und Salzproduktion
      Possibilities of low emission potash and salt productions

      Mr. Dr. Heiner Marx, CEO; K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies, Sondershausen,

      Nachhaltige Kaliproduktion durch Nutzung von Flotationsrückständen zur Herstellung von Siedesalz und Kaliumchlorid in Spanien
      Sustainable potassium-production by using NaCl after flotation to produce vacuum salt in Spain

      Mr Pablo de Lastres Andrada, Director de Plantas; ICL Fertilizers Iberpotash s.a., Suria (Barcelona), SPANIEN
      Mr Kees Langeveld, President & CEO; ICL Fertilizers Europe Eurocil Holding B.V., Amsterdam, NIEDERLANDE

      Vorstellung des Legacy-Projectes von K+S in Kanada
      Presentation of the Legacy-Project of K+S Canada

      Mr. Jens Werdelmann, Manager Process Engineering; K+S Potash Canada GP, Saskatoon, CANADA

      Ist am Standort Sondershausen eine erneute Kaliproduktion möglich?
      Possibilities of a restarted potash-production at the mine “Glückauf” Sondershausen

      Mr. Dr. Jan-Henrich Florin, manager; GSES GmbH, Sondershausen, GERMANY


      Geophysical monitoring of injection tests to investigate transport mechanisms for brine prior construction of fluid barriers in especially sensitive salt formations

      Fluid barrier and dam buildings in mines within good soluble salt formations are currently object of various research projects in Germany. The construction of dams in good soluble host salt rock like e.g. Carnallitite with in parts considerable contents of Tachhydrite ....

      Using engineering seismology and geophysical methods to minimize sources of danger in engineering and mining

      The application of geophysical methods in civil engineering and mining becomes more and more important. The combination of geophysical data with classical geotechnical measurements can greatly improve the quality and reliability of investigations e.g. ...

      Substantial Aspects of the Recycling of Industrial Wastes as Backfilling Material in Salt Mines

      Backfilling has been approved by the European Court as a form of recycling on condition that by means of a necessary measure natural resources are being substituted by industrial wastes and resources are protected (assigned backfilling)...

      Precipitation and Reaction Crystallization

      Continuous Precipitation and Reaction Crystallization -4.62m (Precipitation2.pdf)

      Continuous Precipitation and Reaction Crystallization of Inorganic Substances in Agitated Crystallizers with an Integrated Clarification Zone


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