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Lithium: the new gold

text Harm Ede Botje

Electric cars run on lithium batteries, making lithium "like a beautiful woman who is being chased by everyone," says Bolivian president Evo Morales. Will Bolivia succeed in taking up the extraction itself, or is it already too late?

Lithium is the new gold. Especially now that the production of electric cars is taking off, there is a worldwide lithium fever. Reason: the batteries that electric cars drive on are equipped with lithium batteries.

Good news for the poverty ... more

EurGeol of the month: Anke Penndorf

“European Geologist of the month” is a new category of EFG’s monthly newsletter GeoNews. Each month we ask one of the European Geologist title holders to tell us about his professional experiences and which role the title has played for his career. This month we interview Anke Penndorf, member of the German Professional Association for Geoscientists.. more 

Resource-efficient process for manufacturing lithium

Lithium is seen as a key raw material for the next few decades, due to its increasing significance in electric
energy storage media by means of lithium-ion accumulator batteries. Lithium compounds are presently
extracted from minerals and from a few salt lake brines in Chile and Argentina, although large amounts of
lithium remain unused. The goal of a research Project by the company K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies
(Sondershausen) was the development of a resourceefficient procedure for the direct extraction of the
highly-soluble lithium salts lithium chloride and Lithium sulfate from natural brine. The key step of the process
is a fractional crystallization: lithium salts are extracted directly from the natural brines by means of »intelligent process management« and separation of the crystallized salts. This saves energy and eliminates raw material-intensive material conversion steps which were previously required... Flyer

Western Lithium Produces First High Purity Lithium in Germany

Feb 24, 2015
Reno, Nevada, USA:  Western Lithium USA Corporation (“Western Lithium”, the “Company”, TSX: WLC; OTCQX: WLCDF) is pleased to announce that it has produced 99.8% high quality lithium carbonate in its first trial run while commissioning its demonstration plant in Germany. more...

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Treatment of excess brines for Werra works

Propositions from the environmental minister Hinz completely inacceptable and do not conform to EU regulations
Joint press releases from the environmental minister Priska Hinz and the chief executive of K+S Norbert Steiner for the proposed plan for salt water disposal from 28.09.2014
Members of Parliament Ulrike Gottschalck, Gabriele Lösekrug-Möller, Dr. Matthias Miersch, Achim Post, Dirk Becker und Stefan Schwartze

Werra area insists on alternatives to salt discharge
Expertise by Umweltbundesamtes (environmental agency) with greatly varying opinions
Dieter Lücke / 18.10.14 / TLZ

Water treatment dispute
K+S would like to only clean a part of the salt waste water - Sondershausen K-UTEC leans to better alternative
Dieter Lücke / 06.10.14 / TLZ

Check of alternatives oppressed
That serious investigations were denied in the case of K+S is greatly critcised by the Werra area.
Dieter Lücke / 06.10.14 / TLZ

No brine pipeline from Werra district from 17.09.2014
Thüringer Algemeine / Bernd Jentsch / 17.09.14 / TA
Gerstungen (Wartburgkreis). There is to be no brine pipeline to the North Sea from the potash works in the Werra district ...

Echt - Das Magazin zum Staunen
Programme by MDR of 09.09.2014, 21:15

Comment on the minutes of the Round Table "Waste water free potash production - reality or utopia?" of 03.07.2014

Comment on the press information K+S AG "23rd round table meeting in Heringen/Werra“ of 21.01.2014

Comment on theK-UTEC AG plausibility check of 17.01.2014
Using the plausibility check carried out by K+S this comment includes a discussion and assessment by K-UTEC AG concentrating on core concerns. In its attachment the document contains a description for the processing and backfill concept from K-UTEC AG.

Plausibility check from K+S group of 21.01.2014
You can find the presentation under the link for the Round Table in PDF form under:
Plausibility check of the project idea „Evaporation of 6,8 mill. m3 salt waste water / production of potassium sulphate“

Basic concept of K-UTEC of 21.01.2014
The concept was presented at the 22nd Round Table meeting on the 24.09.2013 in Beverungen and in follow up was assessed through the K+S plausibility check.  

Rechargeable batteries the help of Thuringia

TLZ of July 4th, 2014

With the blessing and naming yesterday of the new technical building the potash researchers of K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies in Sondershausen have taken an important starting step for an innovative pilot projects for the US group Western Lithium...more

K-UTEC invests millions

Thüringer Allgemeine of July 5th, 2014

Sondershausen. New building, new methods. K-UTEC AG thinks of the future without forgetting the past...more