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Oil painting for K-UTEC AG

In the spirit of renovation and redesign of various areas in the company's building the artist and restorer Benno Busch (Bendeleben) has been commissioned with an oil painting for the entrance space of the company.

Work for the painting took around three months and since the end of May 2013 hangs in position.

On 18.06.2013 the painting was officially handed over to the management board of K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies with local press representatives present.

Kyffhäuser Nachrichten reported on 18.06.2013.

Impressions of the painting: Benno Busch (2013)

Anniversary "20 years K-UTEC"

...anniversary event "20 years K-UTEC" 4th/5th of Oktober 2012, Sondershausen

The programme of the celebration colloquium included talks with world wide presenters with practical and wide covering issues under the motto "New potash resources - a challenge". The event was under the patronage of the Thuringian minister for agriculture, forest, environment and conservation mr. Jürgen Reinholz.

The event began already on the 4th of October 2012 with the "mine beer evening" in the underground concert hall of GSES's tourist mine Glückauf in Sondershausen.

Programme-Flyer 20 years K-UTEC

Know-how from Thuringia for a salt lake project in Peru

Major order is "mile stone" for the researchers of K-UTEC AG in Sondershausen / TLZ of 25.11.2011


Know-how from Thuringia is wanted everywhere

K-UTEC is active in Peru at the moment / TLZ of 19.06.2012 / Dieter Lücke Frankfurt/Sondershausen


Exhibition "Faces of Namibia" in K-UTEC AG

In the course of the reorganisation and rearrangement of the K-UTEC company building the exhibition "Faces of Namibia" of fotographer Kristin Thurm (owner of FOTOLOFT in Leipzig) can be viewe since the beginning of May 2013.

Kyffhäuser Nachrichten reported on 19.06.2013.

Impressions: Kristin Thurm (2010/2011)

Potash mining could come back...

The Thuringian potash researchers have a reason for celebrating: "K-UTEC" - which got called "Kaliumwelttechnik" for a long while -  in Sondershausen celebrates its 20th anniversary. It might sound like corporate news but it is a success story of the times of Eastern German "Wende". TA of 10.10.2012 / Dieter Lücke Sondershausen ...more

Develop new markets - with the help of the confederation

How K-UTEC AG from Sondershausen, Thuringia established itself successfully in Tunesia / Partenaire Et Developpement Été 2008

It's like salt in the soup ...

... the amount decides about "good" or "bad" and it is the same for the environment. The company history of Kali-Umwelttechnik GmbH is inseparably connected to salt. (-258.09k Umweltreport-K-UTEC-2002-2003.pdf)

From "strict" potash research to being a provider of interdisciplinary engineering services ...

... this is the development of Kali-Umwelttechnik GmbH Sondershausen (K-UTEC), established in 1992. (-280.66k, Umweltreport-K-UTEC-2005-2006.pdf)

Unknown borehole got successfully sealed

Just on the 4th of December, the name day of holy Barbara, who is the saint of the miners, there was big excitement in the mine of Heilbronn last year. In cooperation with K-UTEC, Sondershausen the target of the necessary measures were defined: the water protection properties of the upper sulphate layers that got disturbed by a drill hole have to be reinstated savely and lasting ... more