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K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies

… continues to be an economical focus point that has been growing and has turned into a tradition in the town of Sondershausen.

Main building K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies

Over 60 years of experience with salt technology 

Since the 1950s there has been research and development for potash and rock salt in the north Thuringian town of Sondershausen. As a part of the former GDR's „Kombinat Kali“ with up to 32.000 employees the „Kaliforschungsinstitut“ (potash research institute) took over all research work within this collaborate. K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies has been continuing this tradition since the German reunion. The company was privatised in 1992; since 2008 it  has been a joint-stock company and today it advises, tests, plans and researches for the salt extracting and salt processing industry in projects and tasks of any scale all over the world. We can claim to be able to find a solution to all kind of challenges concerning any type of salt that can be found in all possible forms of deposits. Concerning salt we are the right contact when it comes to answering questions about analytical, geomechanical, geophysical and mining problems as well as solving process engineering tasks. This focus on salts and many years of experience with numerous successful projects all over the world with the help of our highly qualified staff has put K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies in the distinguished position that you find it in today.