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K-UTEC – Company philosophy

K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies rises to the challenge of professional competence for itself and its customers. To deal expertly with all types of salt in all stages of extraction and processing. Finding solutions to tasks for all independent types of salt deposits whether it is of natural origin like marine, geogenic or saliniferous or from existing or planned industrial processes. The scale of operation starts with the exploration of the deposit, continues with modelling, the deposit chemistry, crystallographic characteristics, geologic response, process design, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, basic engineering and support of the customer during the construction of a facility including start up and staff training.
Included in the scale of operation are many tasks concerning salt as a host rock for back fill, relating to the utilisation of mineral secondary raw materials, regarding the authorisation and testing of back fill mixtures for the fabrication of building materials to be used in saliniferous formations, relevant to the development of further building materials for the use in nuclear waste disposal sites or other uses in saliniferous formations.
K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies sees itself as a reliable and powerful engineering partner for the raw material industry and its succession industries with a high specific expert knowledge and experience of many years. Our aim is to offer assistance to our customers based on specialist knowledge in the field throughout all stages of a project.